Optional integrated U-Blox NEO M8T GNSS receiver

1 Oct 2016

The Archer 2 can now be purchased with the optional integrated U-Blox NEO M8T receiver, which replaces the standard M8N receiver or the previous NVS NV08C receiver. This optional receiver offers raw UBX data output for potential further differential correction in real-time (such as over an Internet connection) or post-processed using specific software applications. Such corrections can provide improved location positioning accuracy. For further information, see the following web page.

Raw GNSS data output for further differential correction

It is recommended (though not required) that this receiver be used with an external antenna which is connected via the optional antenna connector/pack, such as the Tallysman TW2710 external antenna with straight MCX connector that we offer.

Accuracy comparison between the standard U-Blox Neo M8N and the optional M8T receivers is as follows.