Barcode Connector and drivers for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 with Windows

1 Jul 2020

Install both the drivers and the connector (wedge) software to use with the integrated barcode scanner on the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2 with Windows. Download and run both of the following installer files on the Mesa. Any Mesa 2 unit must have cumulative patch 16230 or higher installed.

Once both installations are complete, locate and run the Barcode Connector (wedge) utility from the desktop shortcut or from the Start menu. You can view the version of this utility under Barcode Connector > Menu > About > Barcode Connector Version, and the version of scan engine drivers under Start > Settings > Apps > Zebra CoreScanner Driver (64bit) when you tap on it.



Oct 2016 - Version 01 - Added translations. Fixed board rev bug. Changed scan thread to work with the trigger.

May 2017 - Version 03 - Removed UNICODE flag in the wedging data. This change allows the wedge to work with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) apps.

Jun 2017 - Version 04 (1.0.8) - Fixed a bug with "use individual keystrokes". Keys were mapped incorrectly except numbers and spaces.

Mar 2018 - Version 05 (1.1.5) - Improved user interface which also loads faster. Added support for potential future barcode hardware variations. Added imager type to the info page. Added User Interface option for Wedge Type. Fixed issue when Mesa 2 is asleep and transitions to hibernate causing a hang on resume. Fixed issue when a USB barcode scanner is already plugged in when you launch Barcode Connector. Fixed regional decimal separator issue.

Aug 2018 - Version 06 (1.1.7) - Changed error message that appears if more than one user account logs in to Windows and attempts to have Barcode Connector open.

Aug 2019 - Version 07 ( - 

Mar 2020 - Version 08 ( -

Jul 2020 - Version 09 (v -