Internal GNSS receiver configuration tool

24 Mar 2021

This article explains how to configure the internal GNSS receiver in the Mesa 2 and 3 Windows Geo models.

u-Center for Windows can be used to change the configuration of the u-Blox NEO M8N or M8T receiver. Follow the instructions below.

Note: Connecting a USB mouse to your Mesa 3 can make navigating u-center easier. Also, you may need to initially switch drivers such as to the generic Microsoft drivers.

Setup u-blox on the Mesa 2 and 3

  1. Download and install u-center version 8.20 on your Mesa.

After u-center has been installed, you will need to find the COM port number for the internal receiver in your Mesa.

  1. Right-click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner and select Device Manager.

  2. Expand the selection for "Ports (COM & LPT)” to find the u-blox COM port that is listed. It will be titled “u-blox Virtual COM Port (COM#).” The COM number will look something like (COM4) or (COM6). Note: If using the generic Microsoft driver, the port will be titled "USB Serial Device" or something similar instead.

  1. When you have the COM port number for your device, return to u-center.

  2. Select the icon that looks like a plug in the top left corner. After this has been selected, it may take some time for the list to appear.

  1. Select the COM Port identified above in Step 3. This will connect u-center to the u-blox receiver.

If you are properly connected to the u-blox receiver, the screen will look like the picture below.

If your screen does not match the picture above,

Adjusting Settings in U-Center

It is possible, but not necessary, to change the default settings in u-center if you would like a different configuration. Below is a list of some of the most common settings that could be changed in u-Center on the Mesa 2 and 3.

After each setting is changed in u-Center, you must tap Send on the bottom of the screen to save the change. This must be done between each change.

This will save your changes for your current session in u-center.

After all changes have been done, to save all your changes as defaults for your receiver,

  1. Select View > Configuration View.

  2. In the left column select CFG (Configuration View).

  3. Verify the Save current configuration option is selected.

  4. Under Devices, highlight all the devices listed.

  5. Tap Send.

Change the SBAS and Rate Settings

To change your SBAS or Rate settings go to Configuration View.  

  1. Select View > Configuration View.

  2. In the left column scroll down and select your desired setting.

    • SBAS (Settings)*

    • RATE (Rates)


*In Australia, when SBAS comes online, users will need to add the PRN code for the new satellite(s).

  1. Tap Send to save the change.

Change the Navigation Mode

To change the Navigation Mode,

  1. Select View > Configuration View.

  2. In the column on the left, scroll down to tap on NAV5 (Navigation 5).

  3. Under Navigation Modes, use the drop-down menu to change the Dynamic Model to your preferred mode (we recommend "Pedestrian" for handheld operation).

  4. Tap Send to save the change.

Verify the Baud Rate

After the correct COM port is selected, u-center will automatically detect the baud rate of the receiver. The default baud rate of the u-blox receiver is 115,200. To verify the baud rate,

  1. Select Reciever > Baudrate.

A dot will mark the current baud rate.

Configure NMEA Sentences

To configure the NMEA sentences,

  1. Select View > Configuration View

  2. Scroll down to select MSG (Messages).

  3. In the Message drop-down, scroll down to find the NMEA sentences.

  4. Click on the sentence you DO NOT want.

  5. Uncheck all the boxes for that specific sentence then tap Send

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each sentence you DO NOT want. You can also verify that each sentence you DO want is enabled already.

    • Tap Send after changing each sentence or the changes will not save.

Text Console

This screen shows the messages being sent to the GNSS receiver. To get to this screen,

  1. Select View > Text Console.

Default Settings

If you have changed the settings of your receiver and want to return to the defaults, they are listed below. Use u-Center as described above to change each setting. 

Setting Default
Environment Pedestrian
Update Rate 1 hz
NMEA Messsages
  • GGA
  • GLL
  • GSA
  • GSV
  • RMC
  • VTG
  • GST
  • ZDA
  • GNS
NMEA Talker ID Auto
Elevation Mask Angles 5
SBAS Services
  • Ranging
  • Differential Corrections
Static Hold Threshold (mph) 0.4
Static Hold Distance (yard)
GNSS Constellations
  • GPS
  • SBAS

More Information

For more information about u-center, see the u-center manual.

Note: Geode Connect for Windows PC version 1.2.2 and previous versions provided an alternative method to configure the Mesa 2 and 3 internal receiver. This feature is no longer provided in version 2.2.2 and later. The following file link is for archive purposes only.

Geode Connect 1.2.2.exe


Reviewed & Approved: JF-defaults settings section, 22Aug2023. Original article written July 29, 2020