GPS does not immediately track current position

18 Aug 2016

The default settings for the U-Blox NEO M8 series receivers (such as are integrated into our newer rugged handheld computer units) are optimized more for vehicle navigation than for pedestrian tracking (as is the most common use case of our rugged handheld computer products).

The easiest methods to change the default settings are as follows.

For the Mesa 2, install and run the Geode Connect 1.1.0 or higher utility, and follow the instruction provided at this web page.

Geode Connect for full Windows

For the Allegro 2 or Archer 2, any unit that has an integrated U-Blox NEO M8 receiver will already have OS release 1.7.2, 1.7.5, or newer installed which applies "Pedestrian" mode automatically.