Compiling for Windows CE 2.12 and 3.0

10 Dec 2003

To make sure your applications will run on all versions of the Allegro CE/DOS operating system, build and develop them using the Allegro ALLEGROFPC SDK. Applications built with the ALLEGROFPC3 SDK will not run on Allegros using Windows CE 2.12.

The following are special situations when the Allegro SDK will not work with both operating systems:

Handwriting Recognition

Applications using the handwriting recognition APIs will not run on the ALLEGROFPC SDK with Windows CE 3.0.

ActiveX Data Objects for CE (ADOCE)

ADOCE is not included in our CE 2.12 operating system.

Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)

The MFC 2.12 is shipped with the Allegro Field Computer PC running CE 2.12. MFC 3.0 is shipped with the CE 3.0 operating system. If your application needs MFC 2.12, you need to provide it for the CE 3.0 device. We recommend that your installation package include all of the SDK components that your application needs, rather than depending upon their presence on the device.