Broken hand strap or clip on Archer 3 or Archer 2

7 Dec 2022

The hand strap on the Archer 3 or Archer 2 can become permanently stretched, as well as the top plastic hand strap press-fit clip bar can become broken and/or pulled out. This is particularly true if the hand strap itself is frequently used to carry the Archer when not in use, rather than only for its design intent to just assist in keeping your hand grip on the Archer itself while in use. If you are instead needing a true method to carry the Archer while not in use (such as that frees your hand), options are available as described on the following web pages.

The included hand strap is also intentionally designed to break away at a certain level of force for safety in case of snag, reducing the potential of damage to the handheld (at least anything more than a field replaceable part) or your hand.

If the top hand strap clip bar has become broken and/or pulled out, it is not too difficult to press it back in or order a new part number 29341 (was previously 24131). After pressing in the clip bar, a hand strap replacement video and written instructions are provided at the following web links.

-Accessory and Maintenance Guides


It is easy to just permanently adhere the top hand strap clip bar to the back of the Archer if you would like to do so. Though this should not be necessary under normal operating conditions and use, and may be a safety hazard.

Original article from 10 May 2016