Stuck at Fast Warm Boot screen

3 Mar 2006

If an Allegro Field PC is frozen at the Fast Warm Boot or Loading Operating System, Please Wait screen, then the Windows registry currently in RAM memory may be corrupted. Some potential solutions to this problem are provided below.

Cold Boot from Boot Menu

Selecting Cold Boot from the Boot Menu reloads the Windows registry that was saved in the internal flash memory when the Save System utility was last performed. If you have a good saved registry, this will overwrite the corrupted registry currently in RAM memory, and the Allegro should load properly. To Cold Boot, follow these steps-

  1. Press and hold the On/Off and Shift keys simultaneously for 5-7 seconds until the screen flashes off.
  2. Release the On/Off key, but keep pressing the Shift key just long enough until the Boot Menu screen appears, and then release the Shift key.
  3. Press the down arrow key to highlight Cold Boot, and then press Enter.Note- If you are returned to the Boot Menu screen with an error message at the bottom statingCan't Boot- No Valid NK.BIN orNo Bootable Sources Found, pleaseclick here.
  4. Wait several minutes after the progress bar showing the operating system loading completes. You may see the Please Wait and Fast Warm Boot screens again briefly, but the operating should complete loading. If not, please try the next procedure below.

Cold Boot with Insert Key

If the Save System utility was performed after the Windows registry in RAM memory was already corrupted, then Cold Boot may not work.

To perform a Cold Boot without loading the saved Windows registry from the internal flash memory, follow the same procedures above for performing a Cold Boot, but add these steps-

  1. Press and hold the Insert (INS) key some time before the progress bar showing the operating system loading completes. Release the Insert key only when the operating system has completed loading or you are asked to re-calibrate the touchscreen.
  2. Re-calibrate the touchscreen.

Note- If you are not asked to re-calibrate the touchscreen and the touchscreen does not seem to be working, follow these steps.

a. Press the Blue shift key, and then Start key.b. Press the up arrow key until Settings is highlighted, right arrow key to highlight Control Panel, and then press the Enter key.c. Press the down and right arrow keys until the Stylus icon is highlighted, and then press the Enter key.d. Press the right-tab key and the right arrow key to view the Calibration tab, right-tab key again to highlight the Recalibrate button, and then press the Enter key.e. Re-calibrate the touchscreen.

If the above procedures do not resolve the issue, please try

Step 3: Remove All Power and Restore System, or contact us or call (435)753-1881.