Importance of system security on the Mesa 2

24 Mar 2016

The full Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system on the Mesa 2 requires login with a Microsoft or corporate account. It also comes with Microsoft Windows Defender pre-installed and enabled by default. Additionally, Windows updates are set to download and install automatically. These should help protect against most general security issues. See the following web page for more information.

You may also need to take whatever additional steps that you or your organization have determined to be necessary to best protect computers in the system. This is particularly important if you are connecting the Mesa 2 directly to a corporate network (or to a host computer on a corporate network). You should make sure the Mesa 2 fully adheres to all security requirements set forth by your system administrator.

Setting up additional system security on a Mesa 2 should be exactly similar to how it would be done on a laptop or desktop PC. You may need to work with your company's IT team to set it up properly. This could include (but is not limited to) setting up the following.

If you do not currently have any pre-defined security policies, there are many computer security services and software available that would work with the Mesa 2. A general, non-exhaustive list for "Windows" is provided at the following web page.