Optional NVS GNSS receiver firmware update

15 Dec 2016

NVS provided a firmware update that is described at the following web page.


See below for installation instructions as well as a previous firmware version. You must extract, edit, and include the A2Update.txt command file that was included with the previous custom firmware below. Contact support@junipersys.com if needing assistance.


Dec 2015

Click on the file below to download an optional custom GNSS (GPS) firmware version 04.08 update for previous units that have the integrated NVS NV08C CSM/MCM receiver (on Board Version and previous units, as shown under System Info > System ID). This does not apply to later units that instead have the integrated U-Blox M8 series receiver (Board Version and later). This update enables support for the Japanese MSAS (Satellite Augmentation System) as well as other improvements as noted at the NVS website and in the included document.


Save then extract, copy the extracted files to the root directory (\My Device) or to an inserted MicroSD card in the A2, and then soft Reset (hold the Power button for 5 seconds).

Warning: This firmware update is provided as-is with no implied warranty. If issues are encountered after this firmware has been installed, you may need to press the "Restart GNSS" button under Settings > System > GNSS > GNSS System tab, then suspend and resume (briefly press the Power button).