Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mesa 3 and Mesa 2

24 Mar 2020

The official Windows 10 SDK (Software Development Kit) is available at the following web page.

Official developer tools are at this web page.

Original content from 26 Jan 2016, slightly modified 13 Jan 2020 -

Microsoft officially recommends to use Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 10 to develop software for devices like the Mesa 3 and Mesa 2, as is available from the following web page.

WARNING: Do not install the optional Windows 10 Mobile (Phone) emulator or any other Hyper-V component directly on to the Mesa 2 as these are not compatible. This is not an issue on Mesa 3. If you are not aware of all virtualizations that you may have enabled on Mesa 2, you could disable VT-x2 in the firmware to prevent them. Contact for more details.

Additional information is provided starting at this web page.

If still preferring to develop a Win32 desktop application (such as to best support legacy serial communications), we recommend using the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as described starting at this web page.