Polarized screen protector available

22 Mar 2016

Update from 17 Feb 2023 -

The original polarized screen protector is no longer available from Juniper Systems, though can still be purchased elsewhere if needed for older displays.

Update from 19 Feb 2020 -

The new US Micro MIPI display on Mesa 3 and newer Mesa 2 units now has an integrated circular polarization layer for use with polarized sunglasses, so a polarized screen protector is no longer needed with newer units. See the following web page for more details.


Original article from 22 Mar 2016 -

We now offer the NuShield DayVue polarized screen protector sheet for the Mesa 2, which provides better display visibility in outdoor sunlight while wearing polarized sunglasses. This can be ordered from our online store or by contacting sales@junipersys.com.