Transferring files with the Mesa 2

10 Mar 2016

More detailed information is provided at the following web page.

Transferring files to and from the Mesa 2 can be performed in several ways. Some of the simplest methods are done using the following.

A USB flash (thumb) drive or MicroSD card can be inserted into the Mesa 2. You can then copy files to and from this removable drive or card.

Microsoft OneDrive appears as a drive/folder under File Explorer on the Mesa 2. You can copy files to and from OneDrive to then be able to access them from any other computer which is also logged into the same Microsoft account. A utility such as RoboMirror can be used to synchronize local directories (such as C:\HarvestMaster\Mirus\Exports\ as as example).

Bluetooth can be used to transfer files to and from the Mesa 2. After turning off the default "Tablet" mode on the Mesa 2 (by tapping on it in the Action Center that appears when swiping from the right edge of the screen), you can then tap on the Bluetooth icon in the bottom-right system tray and select "Receive a File" from the menu. While that screen is open, you can then use the related "Send a File" menu option on another computer to select and transfer a file to the Mesa 2. This same procedure can be performed the other direction as well.

Less common and/or more technical file transfer methods are also available, including the following.

After connecting the Mesa 2 to Wifi or using an M2 Office Docking Station accessory, you may be able to setup a shared folder or drive. Technical instructions are provided at many web pages such as the following.

USB Bridge cables can offer a simple file transfer method directly between two computers, but finding a good one can be difficult. Each cable automatically installs it's own drivers and transfer software, but the compatibility and trustworthiness of such software is never guaranteed. The following web links are to USB Bridge cables that have many good customer reviews, but are for reference only (use at your own risk).

If more file transfer ideas are needed, please contact for assistance.