ESD (Static) Protection Hardware Update

10 Dec 2003

If your Allegro CE Field PC was manufactured before February 27, 2003, and has not been in to Juniper Systems since that date, then your unit will need the modifications performed. If you are not sure, inside the battery door compartment of the Allegro, there is a build number and modification number adhered to the printed circuit board (PCB). Compare these numbers with the ESD update numbers to confirm whether or not your Allegro had the ESD updates. To find and compare these numbers, complete the following:

  1. Open the battery compartment by lifting the latches on the sides of the Allegro.
  2. Slide the battery pack to the left and pull it out of the Allegro.
  3. Locate the white reference text and boxes in the bottom left corner of the battery compartment.
  4. Locate and record the build number (for example BD # 12900-01 or BD# 12900-02).
  5. Check which boxes are marked under the modification number, labeled MOD#.

If the build number is 12900-01, and the modification box number 4 is checked, then the ESD mods have been performed.

If the build number is 12900-02, and the modification box number 2 is checked, then the ESD mods have been performed.

If none of the modification boxes are checked, or you are unable to tell if they are checked, please contact the Juniper Systems Technical Support Service at (435) 753-1881 or email them at Have the Serial Number of your Allegro (located in the battery compartment beneath the door hinge) ready to read to tech support and they will verify if your Allegro is updated or if your Allegro qualifies for the ESD update.