Display goes blank quickly after turning on

26 Jun 2006

If the display goes blank quickly after turning the Allegro CE/DOS or DOS Field PC on, this would indicate that the contrast of the display has been adjusted to a point where it is no longer visible. The user-specified contrast adjustment does not get applied until a split-second after the Allegro is turned on or resumed.

Please try adjusting the contrast by pressing the Yellow and F5 keys several times until the display is visible.

If the Yellow and F5 keys do not work, adjust the contrast in the BIOS Setup by following the steps below:

  1. Reboot the Allegro by pressing and holding the On/Off key for 5-7 seconds. You may need to press the On/Off key again to turn the Allegro back on.
  2. As soon as it reboots or comes back on, press the Delete (Del) key immediately to get into the BIOS Setup screen.
  3. Press the down arrow twice to highlight the Keyboard/Display menu item, and then press Enter.
  4. Press the down arrow five times to highlight the Contrast setting, and then press the F2 key several times until the display becomes visible.
  5. Press the Escape (Esc) key twice to get out of the BIOS Setup screen.

Updating the BIOS may help prevent this issue from occurring. Please download and install the latest BIOS.

If this issue occurs again in the future without a user purposely adjusting the contrast, please return the Allegro for repair by following the instructions on our website here.