Campbell Scientific PConnect CE on the Field PC

18 Jan 2010

The Campbell Scientific PConnect CE software can be installed on our Field PC products to communicate with CSI dataloggers for downloading data, viewing basic reports and graphs of the data, and uploading programs to the datalogger. More information is available at:

Version Compatibility

The versions of the PConnect CE software which are compatible with each Field PC model are listed in the table below.

Field PCmodel

PConnect CEversion


Allegro MX


Best viewed in Portrait display orientation




Previous Allegros

1.1 (specified "Allegro" version)

No longer available

Connection Methods

The methods and requirements for connecting our Field PC products to Campbell Scientific dataloggers are listed in the table below.





Regular (Straight Through) female DTE to male DCE cable

No "PDA-to-serial" cable required*

CS I/O port

SC32B adapter

No "PDA-to-CS-I/O" connector required*


Built-in BT on Field PCBT-to-Serial adapter on datalogger


*Note: The cable and adapter that come with the PConnect CE software do not work with our Field PC products. The 9-pin RS-232 male DTE port(s) on our Field PC products can be used to easily connect to a Campbell Scientific datalogger. Unlike commercial PDAs which require special cables to connect to dataloggers, the Field PC can connect using regular cables similar to connecting to a desktop or laptop PC (which usually can be purchased with a similar built-in 9-pin RS-232 male DTE port).