Battery life less than when new

10 Dec 2003

For more information about your Field PC battery pack and other battery related topics, please refer to the Field PC User Guide.

Battery Maintenance and Storage

The charge life of a battery can be reduced if it is not maintained or stored properly. The best way to maintain the battery during short periods of inactivity (nights and weekends) is to leave the Field PC fully charged and on the charger any time it is not in use.

If it is not possible to leave the Field PC plugged in or if you are storing the Field PC for an extended period of time, first charge the battery completely, then, if you have an Allegro Field PC, save the system by tapping Start > Programs > Utilities > Save System. Finally, remove the battery from the unit.

Refresh Battery Pack

The Lithium-Ion battery pack used in the Archer Field PC may be refreshed by fully discharging and charging the battery several times.

The NiMh camcorder battery pack used in the Allegro Field PC may also be refreshed by fully discharging and charging the battery several times; or can be refreshed using a third-party external battery charger with a Refresh (full charge cycling) feature. One such external battery charger is available to purchase from Juniper Systems.

Purchase a New Battery

You may need to purchase a new battery. Contact Juniper Systems to order a new battery. Since the Field PC batteries are hot-swappable (the Field PC can go without power for up to 5 minutes while swapping batteries), you may want to buy more than one so you have plenty of power.

An external or vehicle charger can also be purchased to keep the spare battery at full charge continuously. According to the battery manufacturer, these batteries do not develop memory when left fully charged or charging; however, it is still recommended to remove the battery during extended periods of inactivity (while in storage).

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