Battery compartment and bottom connectors are not water-tight

13 Jun 2007

The Archer Field PC is fully sealed and water-tight. The battery compartment and bottom Communication Module (containing the serial, USB, and charging port connectors) are not part of the water-tight seal which protects the internal electronics of the Archer Field PC.

Battery Compartment

The battery compartment is designed so that water can enter into the compartment and around the outside of the battery without compromising the internal electronics of the Archer or battery pack. This allows for the battery pack to be replaceable in the field during even the worst weather conditions.

Communication Module

The Communication Module is designed so that water can enter into the module and around the connector electronics without comprising the internal electronics of the Archer. Also, the connector electronics inside the Communication Module are conformal coated, providing protection against water and minerals.

The Communication Module is also designed so that in the event that a connector on the outside of the module becomes bent, broken, or corroded, it can be replaced in the field by ordering the Communication Module Replacement Kit from a local

Juniper Systems reseller and then following the instructions included in the kit. This provides significant savings from having to send the whole Field PC in for repair or having to purchase a replacement Field PC.