Battery appears not to charge to full

27 Jan 2009

After charging the Allegro MX Field PC for an extended period (such as overnight or weekend), the battery pack charge indicator may not ever increase to above 95% of charge capacity. Though the indicator may not ever state that the battery is fully charged, you will most likely find that the battery did charge to full capacity, providing you the battery life you have come to expect from the Allegro Field PC model series.

To resolve the inaccurate charge indicator, you could try performing a Hard Reset by pressing and holding the Power button for a full count of 20 seconds. Otherwise, you could try removing all power sources (battery and wall charger) for a full 20 minutes.

If you find that your Allegro MX Field PC does not provide you with the expected battery life, and you are sure that the battery has been properly maintained (never over-discharged) and/or you have tested other known good batteries in the same unit, you may request a repair order to have the unit evaluated and possibly implement enhancements to improve the behavior of the battery indicator. Update - After 2019 repair services are no longer provided for the Allegro MX and only limited parts are available. Please contact for options to upgrade to a newer model product.

Vehicle Mode Enabled

If your Allegro is set to run in Vehicle Mode, it will not charge the battery if the charge indicator has been set to 90% or higher. Since the charge indicator on the Allegro must initially be manually set, then selecting Full Battery or Keep Current Charge when the battery is not actually full could prevent the Allegro from trying to charge a depleted battery.