Battery appears not to charge

20 Feb 2008

The Allegro does charge the battery anytime a power source (the wall charger or power dock) is attached, even while the Allegro is off. Most often, the reason it appears not to charge is that the battery indicator in the system tray may not update properly.

The latest operating system release 1.07a for the Allegro CX Field PC may help by allowing the charge indicator to update if the Allegro is turned on while the power supply is still attached (before taking into the field). This operating system release is available at:

Allegro CX Downloads

The battery indicator in the system tray may still drop to 10% after charging over night or weekend if the power supply is detached from the Allegro at least a minute or longer before initially turning the Allegro on. For this reason, it is recommended to turn the Allegro on to confirm the indicator is accurate (100%) before detaching the power supply and taking the unit into the field. If it does not update properly, you can manually set the indicator to fully charged by tapping on Start > Programs > Utilities > BatterySet.