ActiveSync connection issue with TDS Solo Field CE or Sokkia iMap

12 Dec 2006

Occasionally, after running TDS Solo Field CE or Sokkia iMap on a Juniper Systems Field PC, ActiveSync will no longer connect. Below are solutions and preventative measures for this issue.

ActiveSync Fix Utility

We have created a utility to fix ActiveSync on the Field PC after this issue has occurred. This utility is available to download from our website at:


Save and extract the "" file to a desktop PC, and then copy the "" file to the Field PC using a flash memory card (PCMCIA, CF, or SD). Locate this file on the Field PC using My Computer or File Explorer, and then double-tap on the file to run the utility and repair ActiveSync.

Save and Restore System

If you are using an Allegro Field PC, another way to resolve this issue when it occurs is to restore the system from a previously saved state or from a previous system backup. This solution requires the system to be saved or backed up prior to the occurrence of the issue or after the issue has been resolved using the ActiveSync Fix Utility mentioned above.

For instructions on how to perform a Save System and a Restore System on an Allegro Field PC, please refer to page 126 of the Allegro CX User`s Guide available on our website at:

Allegro CX User's Guide

Microsoft ActiveSync Backup/Restore

Microsoft ActiveSync provides a utility similar to the Save System and Restore System utilities on the Allegro Field PC. If issues such as this one occurs on the Allegro, you can set the Allegro to factory default settings and then restore the system from a previous ActiveSync Backup. For more information on the ActiveSync Backup/Restore utility, please visit the following website: