Power Off option not working

5 Nov 2007

On occasion, an Archer Field PC does not stay fully powered off when the "Power Off" option is selected from the Power Button menu that appears after pressing and holding the Power Button for five seconds. See the image below.

When this occurs, the Field PC powers back on and resets itself a few seconds after the "Power Off" option is selected. This happens most frequently when a Field PC has a CF or SD card inserted or has built-in Bluetooth; but this event can occur with a Field PC unit regardless of whether a card is inserted or whether Bluetooth is present.

This issue was resolved with the Archer Field PC in WM5 OS release 2.1.3. You can download the latest OS here.

Field PC units shipped from the factory before November 17, 2007 may also require a bootloader update. Bootloader updates are only available at

Repair Centers.

The alternative, recommended option is to leave the Field PC in the Power Dock or attached to the wall charger over nights and weekends to ensure a full battery at the beginning of each work day. More information is provided on our "Battery discharges while device is off" FAQ webpage.