Handheld will not stay in suspend while charging

22 Jul 2015

The rugged handheld computer always turns on immediately when a proper external power source is attached. If you briefly press the Power button to Suspend the unit while external power is already attached, it may still Resume (turn back on) automatically after a few seconds. This is an occasional side-effect of the "Rapid Charge Mode" feature as described at the following web page.


Charging options and limits


The handheld will slowly increase current draw from the external power source until it reaches the maximum available (or its own limit) for charging the inserted battery as described at the above linked web page. Though occasionally this can cause the external power source (such as wall charger) to reset, making it appear as if the external power source had been detached (unplugged) then re-attached. This then again prompts the rugged handheld computer to automatically Resume from Suspend (wake up). This usually only occurs for the first few minutes while charging, and leaving the unit on while charging should not significantly affect charge time (particularly when charging over every night and weekend as recommended).


If you would like the unit to automatically Suspend ("turn off screen") even while on external power, check the box and set the timer under Start > Settings > System > Power > Advanced tab. Otherwise, the "Rapid Charge Mode" feature can technically be disabled in the Windows registry by contacting support@junipersys.com for more information.