A2 Enable Power on COM1 utility

1 Dec 2014

Installing the following file utility will enable power on COM1 to behave similar to our previous product models which track the state of the pin 4 Data Terminal Ready (DTR) line. Click on the file link below to download/save the file, copy (do not extract) the file to the handheld, and then locate and tap on the file name in File Explorer on the handheld to install.




Devices which have been customized to actually be powered through the COM1 port pin 4 Data Terminal Ready (DTR) line, such as is provided on our previous product models, can continue to be powered through COM1 (through the pin 9 Ring-In line) on the Allegro 2 or Archer 2 by creating or purchasing a RI-to-DTR (pin 9 to 4) adapter cable (such as our part number 24938) as well as installing this utility.


For additional information (such as alternative COM1 power behavior options), please see the following knowledge base article.


Powering devices through bottom ports