Remote file time stamp incorrect

21 May 2015

When remotely viewing the properties of a file through the Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, formerly ActiveSync) file explorer feature (File Management > Browse the contents of your device), you may find that the date Created and Modified are incorrect. According to Microsoft, this is because "the WMDC shell extension uses Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC) without making any adjustment for time zones." WMDC also keeps a local cached copy of the file so that known file extensions can be opened and edited on the connected desktop PC and then any changes synced back to the remote device (to give the impression that you are remotely editing the file that is actually on the device). But this can cause the incorrect time stamps to be applied and saved to any modified file.

To avoid such an issue (at least for the date Created), it is recommended to actually fully copy the file to and from the remote device before editing and then copying back. For further information, see the following Microsoft web page.