Touchscreen appears puffy or wavy

27 Jan 2015

Each of Juniper System's latest rugged handheld computer products provide either a capacitive or a resistive touchscreen. Each type of touchscreen technology has advantages and disadvantages such as is described at these web pages.

The flexible yet "resistive" top layer on a large touchscreen (such as is provided on the Mesa Rugged Notepad) may appear as being slightly "puffy" or "wavy" particularly when visually compared to a device that has a similar size or larger capacitive touchscreen. Most often this is just a cosmetic limitation with this type of touchscreen technology and should not actually significantly affect operation of the unit.

If you have a Mesa Rugged Notepad with which you feel the touchscreen is excessively "puffy" or "wavy" or the touchscreen operation seems to somehow be affected by this, please contact for assistance.