Bluetooth PAN host connection

13 Aug 2014

A Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) host connection lets you share an Internet connection on the rugged handheld computer with other devices. Partial instructions are provided at this web page.

More details are as follows.


1- Verify that the Internet (such as cell data) connection on the rugged handheld is working on the device itself.

2- Pair the rugged handheld with a Windows Vista or newer Bluetooth PAN capable PC/laptop/tablet or other client device.

3- On the rugged handheld, open the Start > Internet Sharing app and set PC Connection: to Bluetooth PAN and verify that the Network Connection: is set to the Internet connection (such as isp.cingular).

4- Open Start > Settings > Connections > Network Connections. In the search box, type adapter, and then, under Network and Sharing Center, click View network connections.

5- In Network Connections, click the Bluetooth Network Connection icon (Personal area Network)

6- With the Bluetooth Network Connection icon selected, click the tool bar - View Bluetooth network devices.

7- Select the rugged handheld's network sharing device’s icon in the Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices dialog box, and click on the tool bar - Connect Using and select Access Point.


If you have any problem connecting, verify on the rugged handheld that the Internet Sharing window’s button shows Disconnect. If it show’s Connect, the connection will fail on the PC side. Make sure Disconnect button is showing, then follow step 7 above again to connect/reconnect.