Can not connect after resuming PC from sleep

20 Oct 2014

The Microsoft ActiveSync drivers on the rugged handheld computer can become locked up when trying to connect to the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC, formerly ActiveSync) program on a desktop PC that has been recently resumed from a Sleep state. This can cause WMDC to not connect, or generate a red capitalized ERROR message. The handheld must be soft Reset (hold Power button for 5 seconds) or maybe even the desktop PC must be rebooted before a connection will succeed.








This issue could be avoided by fully shutting down the desktop PC rather than using Sleep, or logging out before using Sleep. Otherwise, a workaround is to disable the "USB selective suspend setting" under Start (> Settings) > Control Panel (> System and Security) > Power Options. Under the active power plan click on "Change plan settings" > "Change advanced power settings", and then click on the plus sign box next to "USB settings".