Custom 12V COM Module available

25 Jul 2014

A custom 12V Communication (I/O) Module for our A2 products (Archer 2 and Allegro 2) is now available. It can be optionally ordered pre-installed on a new unit, or can be ordered as a replacement kit. This module can provide 12V at up to 6W (500mA) through the COM1 RS-232 9-pin Sub-D pin 9 RI (Ring-In) line for use by attached devices and sensors. The behavior of this accessory power supply can also be modified through custom Windows registry keys and/or API function calls.

An Archer 2 with Board Revision or higher is recommended for use with this module. This module does not provide a USB Host port or 3.5mm audio jack as does the standard module (which can similarly provide 5V at up to 3W (600mA) through the COM1 pin 9).