Archer Field PC - Windows Mobile 6.1 Now Shipping

27 Nov 2009

Juniper Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative field computing solutions for rugged applications, announces enhancements to its ultra-rugged Archer PDA. The Archer now runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic operating system, features 128 MB RAM and 512 MB internal data storage, and supports both SD and SDHC data storage cards for up to 32 GB of data storage capacity. The optional Hemisphere GPS XF101 receiver delivers real-time, sub-meter GNSS performance for geospatial and location based applications. This powerful mobile computer combines the utmost in ruggedness, ease of use, connectivity, and expandability for data acquisition needs in extreme environments. The Archer Field PC is backed by best in class customer service and quality of workmanship. It is a proven standard for mobile workers requiring a rugged handheld for use in extreme environments.

The Archer Field PC running Windows Mobile 6.1 Classic operating system offers many advantages to users and software developers. Features include enhanced security and control with enterprise network, exchange server, and Internet connections; support for Microsoft Office® 2007 file formats; improved Bluetooth® wireless technology connections through suspend and resume; support for multiple network connections even when they are used simultaneously; and enhanced device management.

The ultra-rugged Archer plus the Hemisphere GPS XF101 DGPS receiver adds real-time, sub-meter functionality without compromising ruggedness. Higher levels of accuracy can be achieved using the external antenna and post-processing options. The XF101 receiver can be added to any Archer Field PC giving an all-in-one, handheld solution for location based and geospatial applications.

The Archer Field PC is an ideal mobile platform for OEM providers. Quickly bring OEM solutions to market with our robust business partner program. Customization options range from brand identity to full integration of electronics and sensors. Juniper Systems works closely with business partners to enable solutions large or small.

About Juniper Systems Headquartered in Logan, Utah, Juniper Systems, Inc. provides innovative field computing solutions designed for rugged applications. Our field computing solutions serve agriculture, natural resource, industry, geomatics, military, and public works. See the Archer Field PC and our full product line at

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