General Bluetooth troubleshooting in Windows 10

11 Jan 2019

This article is mainly in regards to troubleshooting a connection to a Bluetooth GPS receiver or other SPP (Serial Port Profile) device in Microsoft Windows 10 such as on the Mesa 3 or Mesa 2.

Please verify that you have our latest firmware and OS patch installed, which is required in newer builds of Windows 10.

Perform a Hard Reset by first doing a Shut Down then hold the hardware Power button for 20 seconds, release then wait a few seconds, then attach wall charger, and then briefly press the Power button again.

Remove the existing pairing and create a new pairing to the Bluetooth device. This is done under Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices. You may also need to go further to remove any existing Outgoing Port (if there are any) from under More Bluetooth options > COM Ports tab.

Under “Ports (COM & LPT)” in Device Manager, tap and hold on the device to try to Disable device then Enable device, Update driver, or Uninstall device then "Scan for hardware changes" to re-install the device.

Verify that you are using the correct passkey with the Bluetooth device. Many GPS receivers and other instruments use a basic passkey such as 0000 or 0183.

Re-install or Update the Bluetooth drivers, such as are available for the Mesa 2 starting at the following web page.

Wifi 802.11 and Bluetooth driver update for Mesa 2

Test connecting other similar Bluetooth devices, connecting the Bluetooth device to other Windows 10 computers, and/or connecting to other software applications. Doing this could help determine if the problem is with a specific device or software.

If willing, backup apps and data then perform a Set Factory Defaults (Clean Boot) by tapping on Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Reset this PC. Follow the instructions provided.

If a repair is needed, please follow the instructions and fill out the form starting at this web page.