Alternatives to serial cable

7 Jan 2007

Alternatives to serial cables include a USB/ Power Dock, Flash Memory Cards, Infrared Ports and Bluetooth technology, as well as other methods and technologies. Additional information about each is provided below.


The Allegro CX and CE Field PC models offer an optional accessory called the USB/Power Dock. The USB/Power Dock allows you to connect your Allegro to Microsoft ActiveSync on your desktop PC with a USB connection instead of a serial connection. It also recharges your Allegro at the same time. Contact your Juniper Systems reseller or our Sales Department about purchasing a USB/Power Dock.

The Archer Field PC connects to USB directly without using a docking station. All Archer Field PCs are shipped with a USB Full-to-Mini Client cable for connecting to ActiveSync on a desktop PC. The Archer can also connect to USB devices such as keyboards, mice, memory devices, and other USB devices using a USB Full-to-Mini Host cable. Contact our Sales Department for more information.

Flash Memory Cards (CF, SD, USB, PCMCIA)

Copy or save files to an inserted Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), or PCMCIA (Allegro and Pro 4000 only) card, and then swap the card between the Field PC and desktop PC.

With the Archer Field PC, you can attach a USB Flash Drive as explained on our website at:

USB Flash Drive Compatibility

Infrared (Allegro only)

If your laptop has an infrared (IrDa) port, you may use it to connect to ActiveSync instead. For instructions, please visit:

Infrared Connection to ActiveSync


If your desktop PC and Field PC (Archer or Allegro) have Bluetooth wireless technology, you may use it to connect to ActiveSync instead of using a serial cable. For instructions, please visit:

Bluetooth ActiveSync Setup

USB-to-Serial Adapter

It is possible to purchase a USB-to-Serial adapter cable, but some brands may be difficult to use and may not work with ActiveSync. If you still would like to try to use a USB-to-Serial adapter cable, we recommend Keyspan`s adapter, available from this site:


The Archer and Allegro Field PCs can connect using other methods through Bluetooth, CF, SD, PCMCIA (Allegro only), and USB (Archer only) adapters. Using an adapter, connection methods may include Ethernet, RS-485, cellular (GSM/GPRS or CDMA) modem, 56K dial-up modem, and others. The Archer and Allegro Field PCs can also host additional RS-232 devices through the same adapter methods. Please contact our Technical Support department for additional information.