Allegro 2 OS release 1.9.1 and languages

15 Nov 2019

Click on the links in the table below to download the release 1.9.1 operating system (OS) update and languages for the Allegro 2. This release is mainly for continued production of new units, but can be installed on previous units for consistency. See the release notes documents for more details of changes in all OS builds to date.

Warning: Installing this OS update will remove all currently installed apps and files, setting the unit back to a factory default state. Also, if you have unchecked "Enable Advanced Network Functionality" under Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC icon, the USB connection speed will likely not be sufficient to use the "Desktop Install EXE" so you will have to use the "Direct Install ZIP" instead.


File Downloads

(full install instructions)


-License Agreement PDF

-Desktop Install EXE*

(Connect charger, connect to WMDC / ActiveSync, then run on desktop PC)

-Direct Install ZIP*

(Download, extract, copy to root drive or MicroSD in Allegro 2, connect charger, then soft Reset)

-Release Notes PDF

Spanish (Español)

-Contrato de licencia (PDF)

-Instalación mediante EXE en el ordenador de sobremesa*

(Conectar a Microsoft ActiveSync / Centro de dispositivos de Windows Mobile, y, a continuación, ejecutar en el ordenador de sobremesa.)

French (Français)

-PDF de contrat de licence

-Installation à partir de EXE sur l'ordinateur de bureau*

(Connectez-vous à Microsoft ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center, puis exécutez sur l'ordinateur de bureau)

-Installation directe à partir de ZIP*

German (Deutsch)

-Lizenzvereinbarung PDF

-EXE-Datei für die Desktop-PC-Installation*

(Stellen Sie eine Verbindung mit Microsoft ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center her, und führen Sie diese Anwendungen anschließend auf einem Desktop-PC aus.)

Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro)

-Contrato de licença PDF

-Instale Desktop EXE*

(Conecta via Microsoft ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center. Execute o arquivo no Desktop PC.)

* Notice: By viewing or downloading the linked file, you agree to the terms and conditions of the accompanying end user License Agreement (EULA). This software is provided only for use with, and for the licensed end users of, the Allegro 2. Any other use of this software is strictly prohibited and may subject you to legal action.

Alternative OS direct install files are also available if needed (in case the desktop installer does not work for you). Contact for more information.