Cannot tap very precisely on capacitive touchscreen

18 Mar 2014

With capacitive touchscreens, a wide tip stylus is better than a fine point tip stylus. A wide tip allows more contact points on the touchscreen to be activated at once, giving a better average as to where exactly the tap should be located on the screen. Some fine tip active (battery operated) styli try to compensate for this by supplying their own charge, but this does not always work.

Capacitive touchscreens were designed for use with finger taps instead of stylus taps. Application developers should avoid small buttons and crowded UI (user interface) elements. If these can not be avoided, we provide a hold-to-zoom feature to compensate when needed as demonstrated in the video below.

Some examples of alternative stylus options are listed below.

Related Information

For information on how to change the current touchscreen profile, see New Touchscreen App to Optimize Performance.

Improvements to touchscreen behavior have also been integrated into OS release 1.4.4 or higher, which is available on the Archer 2 Downloads website.