Whether you're an equine veterinarian, veterinary technician, mixed practice vet, ambulatory vet, broodmare manager, veterinary teaching hospital educator, or just someone frustrated with their existing ultrasound or recordkeeping process — Juniper Systems understands the difficulties of recordkeeping.

Juniper Systems' EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution was developed to address the unique challenges faced by large animal veterinarians. EmberEquine is the ultimate imaging and electronic data entry solution.

EmberEquine Ultrasound Reproduction Solution


Upgrade to digital recordkeeping – without the dreaded complexity.

4VetJ Ultrasound

4VetJ ultrasound

  • Premium and affordable
  • Resistive 10.4" touchscreen
  • Easy-access image options: gain, focus, zoom, gamma, depth of scanning, frequency of head, and more
  • All-day battery life
  • Interchangeable probes
Mesa 2  Rugged tablet

Mesa2 rugged tablet

  • Enter exam information directly on the Mesa 2
  • Rated IP68 – dustproof, waterproof, shockproof
  • All-day battery life
  • Power to replace your desktop computer – full Windows 10 OS
EmberEquine software

EmberEquine software

  • Replaces paper exam forms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely customizable
  • Exam reports with billing codes
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Secure data storage
  • Integrate images into a variety of ultrasounds

The components of the EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution can be purchased collectively or individually. The EmberEquine Recordkeeping Software was designed for quick integration into an existing workflow. Each piece of the solution is affordably priced to meet a variety of needs, from independent veterinarians to large-scale breeding operations.


Customize Forms Measa 2

Customize Forms

The EmberEquine Recordkeeping Software was designed with versatility in mind. Because each veterinary practice and breeding farm is unique, your exam data entry and recordkeeping software should be too. You can easily adjust every form field, add or delete fields, and customize how each form appears with a mare exam.

All mare exam information is stored securely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for quick reference and sharing.

Transfer Data Graphic


The wireless ultrasound image transfer feature is completely unique to the EmberEquine Ultrasound and Recordkeeping Solution. This means you'll be able to send ultrasound images from the 4VetJ Ultrasound directly to the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet and attach it to a mare exam form on the spot. This feature allows you to share an ultrasound image with the horse owner and quickly reference past ultrasound images at the next appointment.

If you love your current ultrasound, images and data can still be easily transferred to the EmberEquine software.

Schedule Appointments Measa 2


Time management is key for an equine reproduction professional. With EmberEquine, you can easily schedule and organize veterinary appointments and breeding procedures. The appointment scheduling feature ensures you'll never forget another appointment.

Schedule Appointments Measa 2

Track Billed Services

EmberEquine allows you to track billable services as they occur. The fast-paced reproductive season can result in a billing backlog and invoice mistakes. You'll have every service recorded before an appointment ends. Stop losing money for your hard work.

Schedule Appointments Measa 2


Keep your mare owners involved in the decision-making process with the client report feature. This feature allows you to send a full mare exam report with ultrasound images to your client's smartphone before they leave an appointment. This boosts client-veterinarian relationships and gives you a leg up on the competition.

Star Star Star Star Star

"EmberEquine was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my practice, and my clients have noticed. At the end of each appointment, I'm able to send them a report that includes all their mare information with measured sonograms. I also record all the procedures for billing and schedule the next appointment right there. I'm certain it's saved quite a bit of money, and a whole lot of time!"

- David K. Price, DVM

Equine Veterinarian at Summit Creek Equine

All your records, all the time.

Eliminate confusion and increase efficiency with EmberEquine's record sharing feature. This feature is ideal for large breeding farms and multi-veterinarian clinics. Anyone can access mare records – in the field or office.

How It Works


It's as awesome as it sounds. Interested in trying it without a commitment?


Feel free to reach out! Juniper Systems' EmberEquine expert, Isabelle, is excited and willing to answer any questions you may have.

You may need an equine ultrasound and recordkeeping upgrade if

  • Your records are all on paper and aren't backed up digitally
  • You spend time searching for data in notebooks or trying to decipher messy handwritten records
  • Your paper exam records have been dropped in manure, splashed by fluids, soaked in the rain, or under a patient's hooves
  • You want to update and improve the efficiency of your business practices
  • Your practice or breeding farm feels outdated and inefficient
  • You want to provide your customers with a full exam report and improve your current client relationships
  • You feel frustrated with the lack of organization and information sharing between veterinarians within the same clinic
  • You're not satisfied with your current ultrasound image quality or capabilities
  • You're not happy with your inability to view past ultrasound images and information


The EmberEquine Ultrasound Reproduction Solution includes Juniper Systems' Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet, EmberEquine Software, the Draminski 4VetJ Ultrasound Scanner, and all the necessary accessories and instructions to make a seamless workflow transition.

EmberEquine is for every equine breeding professional looking to improve their current recordkeeping and mare exam process. Breeding farm managers, solo ambulatory veterinarians, multi-veterinarian clinics, and everyone in between.

No, you don't need to use a Draminski ultrasound with the EmberEquine software. Juniper Systems partnered with Draminski to provide veterinarians with the latest in ultrasound technology. However, if you already have an ultrasound you love, the EmberEquine software keeps records organized, accessible, and up to date.

EmberEquine was developed by equine veterinarians for equine veterinarians. Unlike other recordkeeping solutions, EmberEquine is designed specifically to make the job of a veterinarian easier.

In addition to EmberEquine's specialized capability, the Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet is completely dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof.

Yes, small equine practices can still use EmberEquine. Here's a great example of a solo ambulatory equine veterinarian who has successfully implemented the solution.

The process of integrating EmberEquine into your existing workflow is simple. Juniper Systems has a dedicated team of individuals who will make sure you're up and running as soon as possible. Juniper Systems offers free training with every purchase. If that means coming out to help with implementation and training — Juniper Systems will be there.

Yes, you can use EmberEquine in conjunction with other horse management software.

The Mesa 2 Rugged Tablet is a full Windows 10 computer. This means users can run any Windows-based application on the device.

Yes, you can store other information outside of EmberEquine. The software was built to be customized. You can easily adjust form fields to reflect the data you want to collect.