Utility Mapping

High Accuracy GPS For Underground Utility Locate Mapping

Incorporating high-accuracy GPS mapping into an existing utility locate workflow is simple and affordable. Using ProStar's PointMan Software® with Juniper hardware, users can create a professional map of underground utilities for property owners and municipalities that will last long after the spray paint wears away.


- Eliminate the need to hire a land surveyor -

- Create a valuable record for municipality and land owners -

- Prevent liability by illustrating the work completed -

CT7G Rugged Tablet

- Android® 6.0 operating system -

- Entirely dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof -

- Large 7'' display for enhanced outdoor readability -

- Affordable price with quantity discounts available -

- All-day battery life -

Geode Sub-Meter GPS Receiver

- Sub-meter accuracy -

- Affordable price -

- One-button simplicity -

- Receiver and antenna contained within device -

- Compact size -

Mounted Geode

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Prostar's Pointman Mapping Software


- Designed to capture precision location points -

- Include forms, photos, and sketches -

- Captures, binds, and submits precision data to Google Earth in real-time -

- Simple and affordable -

Bundling PointMan® with Juniper's mobile devices and GPS receivers creates a complete and comprehensive solution that offers utility professionals an affordable and easy-to-use option for precision mapping of underground utilities.

How it Works

The solution works by running ProStar's PointMan software on the CT7G Rugged Tablet, Mesa 2 Android Rugged Tablet, or your own Android mobile device. PointMan software will use Bluetooth® to pair with both the Geode Sub-meter GPS receiver and most major brands of underground pipe or cable locator devices. Using a survey pole or hands-free shoulder mount, utility locate professionals can now easily produce precise maps of the located utilities, while simultaneously capturing valuable location-quality statistics.

Packaged solution discounts are available. For more information, please call 435-753-1881 or email us at sales@junipersys.com

Videos Videos

Demonstration Video: PointMan software, Geode Sub-meter GPS, and an RD8100 Locator