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Resort Operations Management System

SnowGage arms users with accurate, real-time snow depth data to improve grooming decisions, target areas with low snow, and provide resort operations with the visibility of real-time trail conditions.

SnowGage in the Snowcat

SnowGage in the groomer

  • Use SnowGage in the groomer to collect real-time snow depth data
  • Prioritize grooming routes by using maps of yesterday's snow depth conditions
  • View real-time snow depth and GPS data in the groomer
  • Increase overall efficiency, saving time and money
SnowGage in the office

SnowGage in the office

  • View detailed resort snow depth maps of the resort
  • Make informed decisions to cut grooming costs and improve resort operations
  • Easily login to the secure SnowGage Lodge to view snow depth maps
  • Determine grooming priority
  • Develop strategic snowmaking strategies
  • Quickly share trail status with resort operators


SnowGage is the ultimate radar-based snow depth system, providing groomers with real-time snow depth data in the groomer, and in the office.

SnowGage in the Snowcat

Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Mounted in the cab of the snow groomer, the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet displays the depth of the snow in real-time as it grooms. The data is presented in a satellite map view, displaying snow depth behind, under, and in front of the groomer is also visible while grooming. Snow depth can also be viewed in a graph to quickly identify low and high snow areas.

SnowGage in the office

Geode Sub-meter GPS Receiver

The Geode, a high-precision GPS receiver, is mounted in the cab of the groomer to collect sub-meter accurate positioning data as the groomer moves along the mountain side.

SnowGage system hardware

SnowGage Ultra-rugged Snow Depth Sensor

Mounted just behind the engine underneath the groomer, the snow depth sensor sends a pulse to the ground each second to collect accurate depth-measurement data.

These components work together to provide resorts with powerful information for improved decision making and cost savings. The SnowGage software collects data from both the GPS receiver and the snow depth sensor to allow groomers to view the information on the Mesa 2 from the groomer. The Mesa 2 is also connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cell to send snow depth data to the office for viewing data from multiple groomers at once.

Boost Efficiency

Depth Chart

No more manually probing for snow depth. SnowGage automatically collects and stores snow depth data everywhere the groomer travels.


Eliminate guessing and save money on snowmaking efforts by using SnowGage data to create an efficient snowmaking plan.


Take care of low snow spots before grass starts to show. With SnowGage, users can identify and address areas with low snow before it becomes a problem.


Resort safety takes priority, especially during a blizzard. By viewing the satellite map on the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, SnowGage users can pinpoint their exact location and navigate the mountain in any weather condition.


Increase efficiency when cutting spring roads. Using the satellite map on the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet, users can quickly locate roads buried under snow and plow them – instead of spending hours guessing their location.

SnowGage in the SnowCat

Snowgage in the Snowcat

- For greater convenience, SnowGage system starts automatically when snowcat is powered on -

- View snow depth and GPS position data in real time -

- Plan more efficient grooming routes by viewing snow depth maps from previous days -

- When finished, data is automatically sent to the office via Wi-Fi or cell modem -

SnowGage in the Office

Snowgage in the Office

- User Login on web -

- Select one or all snowcats -

- Select date to view data -

- Maps zoom to Resort or Trail view -

- Filter maps to display snow depths on individual trails or all trails -

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Watch our SnowGage webinar recording here to learn more.