Rugged Tablet and Hardware Customizations

Customizations, Configurations, and Integrations

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of ultra-rugged tablets, field computers, and sub-meter GPS receivers, Juniper Systems has provided companies and organizations with custom-branded and custom-hardware-integrated devices across dozens of industries for more than two decades. Based in the United States, Juniper offers multiple levels of hardware customizations to its partners. Its in-house product design, engineering, and manufacturing teams help to make that process happen seamlessly.

  • Designed and assembled in the United States
  • All under one roof - Design, engineering, manufacturing
  • Low-cost branding options available
  • Low quantity runs

Why should a company consider a custom rugged device?

Often the idea of creating a rugged custom-branded device or a device with custom hardware specific to a certain industry is an exciting prospect. Most companies quickly realize though that creating or developing a device in-house is either too daunting or too expensive to undertake. Juniper Systems offers the flexibility of developing a custom device for a much lower cost by using our existing platforms and crafting it to a company’s desired branding or hardware needs.

Experience Juniper Rugged

  • Class 1, Div 2 certified – designed for environments requiring intrinsically safe equipment
  • IP68 & MIL-STD-810G – completely waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • All-day device battery life and impressive battery lifecycle
  • Ergonomic design and various carrying accessory options minimizes user fatigue
  • Designed and assembled in the United States
  • Live and individualized customer care and device support
  • Windows™, Android™, and Windows Mobile operating systems available

Custom Device Options

From simple branding to complicated integrated hardware, Juniper Systems has custom device options for any company. Our lower-than-average minimum order size for custom devices is also a major win for companies looking to offer a custom device without needing to order more than it can sell.

Custom Branding

The first level of device customization Juniper offers allows for the branding of our devices to match an organization’s colors and to feature their logo. These branding options are offered through custom device bumpers, screen bezels, battery door labels, and company logo placement.

These branding options allow our partners to have a unique device that their customers will instantly engage with and recognize as part of their supplier’s total solution. Also, one of the best parts about doing a custom branded device with Juniper is our ability to offer low-quantity runs. This allows for smaller companies to still offer a branded device to employees or customers.

Custom hardware integration

Many industries require hardware built specifically for onsite equipment operation, data logging, or inventory management. These requirements often lead to employees using multiple devices to accomplish their work. With Juniper Systems’ custom hardware integration, it’s possible to place additional sensors, antennas, and connectors inside our devices. The Mesa Rugged Tablet, for example, has space inside its shell for expansion designed with this purpose in mind. This allows users to carry less and have one device for their work. Some of our most common hardware customizations include RFID, barcode scanner, RS232 (9-pin) port, radios, and CAN modules. If your industry uses specific connectors, antennas, radios, or hardware that interface with a handheld or computer let us know and we can begin exploring hardware integration options.

Full and semi-custom devices

There are instances where our partners’ custom hardware needs go beyond what is possible to fit in our current device lineup and a fully custom hardware option is needed. These instances have led to some of Juniper’s most unique products and our partners’ ideal devices. Certain pieces of hardware used in specific industries are simply too big to fit inside a tablet or handheld. Our design team is capable of taking our existing platforms and modifying them to include larger expansions and housings that go beyond the confines of the original housing of the device. Some of our custom hardware designs include a CAC/PIV smartcard reader, high-powered long-range RFID, and custom shells.

Mesa card reader

Operating systems and accessory customizations

Juniper’s OS customizations for Windows and Android include custom boot screens, pre-loaded applications, wallpaper, and device settings. Juniper also offers a wide range of accessories for each product. These accessories are available to allow partners to form a complete solution for their customers. Over the years Juniper has also developed new accessories based on partner feedback and needs. Some examples of our accessories include the physical keyboard attachment for the Mesa Rugged Tablet, a pistol grip attachment to aid in barcode scanning environments, and various pole and vehicle mounts for easier use and charging purposes.

designed and assembled in USA logo

Designed and Assembled in the United States

Mesa Rugged Tablets are designed and assembled in the United States by Juniper Systems. The company takes pride in the level of quality it achieves with each device leaving its doors. Each device in Juniper Systems' line of handhelds is carefully crafted to meet the needs of its users.

From product design to engineering to manufacturing, everything happens under one roof at Juniper Systems' Logan, Utah, USA facility. This allows each product to undergo extensive testing for quality, durability, and performance.