Flash Memory Maintenance

26 Feb 2007

Warning: The following information can affect data (files and folders) contained on a flash media used in the Field PC (such as the internal flash memory or an inserted PCMCIA, CF, or SD card). Back up all data and installed software on the flash media to a desktop PC before using the software mentioned below.

Flash Format

The CNetx, Inc. Flash Format software or a similar program can be installed and used on the Field PC to verify (scan), repair, and/or format a flash memory drive (including the internal flash memory on the Field PC). For more information or to download a demo version of this software, please visit:


Note: The "PDA Platform" version that is compatible with older Windows CE Field PCs is "Handheld PC 2000" or "HPC". If the standard install utility does not work for installing Flash Format to a Windows CE Field PC, remove the software from the Field PC, copy the "F4.H2KARM.CAB" file from the C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\CNetX\Flash Format\ or C:\Program Files\Microsoft ActiveSync\CNetX\Flash Format\ folder on the desktop PC to a location on the Field PC, and then double-tap on the file to install.


Scan Drive for Corruption

Flash Format can scan ("Verify and Repair") the internal flash memory or inserted card for lost clusters and bad sectors. Follow the instructions on our "Data or job file corrupted or causing lock ups" FAQ webpage.


Format Flash Memory

Warning: If you are formatting the internal flash memory ("C_Drive") on an older Windows CE based Allegro Field PC, you will need to obtain fresh copies of the default system files and folders, which normally include:

These files and folders may be obtained by copying them from a similar model Allegro, from the CD that came with the Allegro, or by contacting

techsupport@junipersys.com to obtain a system restore disk.

Note: When copying these files from a CD, you will have to manually create new "C_Program Files" and "C_MyDocs" folders.

Once you have a fresh copy of the default system files and folders, please restore them to the recently formatted "C_Drive". If these files and folder are not restored properly and then you lose battery power, Restore System, or Set to Factory Defaults, you may receive a "No Bootable Sources Found" or "Can't Boot- Missing nk.bin" error message.