Firmware updates for Geode

1 Mar 2018

Firmware updates for the Geode are available. To view the latest updates for the Hemisphere P206 receiver that is in the Geode, please see the following web page.

Geode units that have the optional 9-pin RS-232 serial port can be updated directly using the RightArm utility and latest BIN file for the P206 from the above web page by following the instructions in the included document containing "Using_RightARM_Utility_to_Load_Firmware" in the file name.

If desiring to update the firmware on some other Geode unit, this would likely require submitting the unit on a repair order.

The command prompt (terminal) screen in the Geode Connect utility can be used to send a $JI,SHOW command to the receiver to view the currently installed firmware version and for other commands.