Geode Connect to Android

16 May 2019

Instructions for setting up Geode with Android.

  1. Download and install Geode Connect from the Google Play store (use it to pair with the Geode).
  2. Turn on the Geode.
  3. Run the Geode Connect App: Tap up top where it says "No Device".
  4. Select your Geode from the list to connect to the Geode (the blue light on the Geode should light up).
  5. Inside the Geode Connect App: Tap on the Three line in the upper-right and select "App Settings".
  6. Check the box next to "Enable Mock Location Provider" and then tap the Save button in the lower-right corner.
  7. At this point you may have to enable Developer Options on the Android device. Every device is a bit diffrent but to do this: go to Settings > About (Phone or Tablet or Device) and tap on the "Build number" 7 times. This will enable Developer Options on the device.
  8. On the Android Device go to: Settings > Developer options > Tap on "Select mock location app" Select Geode Connect. (sometimes requires that Geode connect is running in the background).
  9. On the Android Device go to: Settings > Locations > Mode > and set it to "Device only".
  10. Leave Geode connect on and running. 

Two ways to test the connection (both require that you are outside to test):

Make sure the Geode is on and had time to build its initial almanac (building the almanac can take up to 30 minutes the first time it is turned on outside). The almanac is built when the top satellite light is on and solid.

Bring up Google Maps, once you see your location, set down the Geode so it stays stationary, and walk away watching the map on your device, your position should stay stationary. Next go pick up the Geode and walk with it, your position on the map should move. (this means that the device is using the Geode for its location).

Another Test: I use “GPS Fields Area Measure” app for this test. Download it from the App store. Inside the “GPS Fields Area Measure” app, tap on the compass icon in the upper right hand corner to go to your location. Next tap on the plus button in the lower left corner of the app. Now select "Area" > "GPS Measuring" > Start measuring. Now set the Android device down in a stationary position, and walk away from it with the Geode in your hand, I walk in a big wide circle. Walk back to your device and tap "Stop measuring". If all goes right you should see a circle on the map where you just walked. 
To Reset to factory settings:
Android: Go into the menu (3 bars top-left) > Geode Configuration > Advanced > Reset Receiver (select Soft or Hard reset).